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Originally Posted by imyourmaster View Post
I've had a discussion with A JL Audio Tech guy today. I want to run 4 speakers off of one MHD750/1. That would require wiring each pair of speakers in series and then wiring both pairs parallel resulting in a 4ohm load. The tech advised against this. Allthough he said it has been done, this kind of set-up will result in an unbalanced distribution of power between the speakers which are wired in series. How serious is this issue? Generally, I believe most of us would like to know that each speaker is getting the same amount of power. Any thoughts on this?
With all four identical speakers, two left in series and two right in series, and those two series circuits in parallel, all four speakers will receive the identical power. The total/final mono load of the four 4-ohm speakers in this series/parallel configuration will be 4-ohms.

Do seriesed equal golf cart batteries deliver a difference in power based on the sequence? Of course not.
Maybe you could rotate your seriesed speakers every 20 hours so that they wear evenly. Just kidding.
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