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Originally Posted by captain planet
Dear notre dame, Being a fan of THE Ohio State University I could care less what you do with your football program. But judging from your current string of bowl blowouts and just getting out-played every bowl game maybe it's time to do one of two things. Either join a conference so your true "power ranking" can be properly assessed, or stop scheduling teams like Navy, Air Force, Duke, and Stanford year in and year out. You got really crazy for 2008 and scheduled N. Carolina, Washington, S.D. State, and Pitt. But look out, Butch Davis will have one full season back in the saddle in N.C. before you come to town. You played two good teams this year and got slaughtered by them both. Come out of the closet already!!

Basically all I want is this, stop scheduling a cream-puff schedule so you end up with 9 or 10 wins. All this does is put you in a BCS game just to get blown out AGAIN by a REAL team that has played a REAL schedule and DESERVES to be there. Yea, you have a large following and bring in a lot of money, don't you think it is time you gave your fans a real sense of the caliber of team you are instead of committing fraud every year?


P.S. Good game LSU, sorry you had to play such a sub-par team in front of a national audience.

Spoken like a true ________. I'm afraid you are right...

Oh and Charlie.... Who the hell goes for a fake punt on your first possession inside your own 30? Dumb call Charlie.....
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