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Adiós mis amigos

6 years, 2329 posts, and 2 boats ago I found this wonderful resource. Some of us have had the chance to meet, enjoy a beer, or ridden together. Overall this isn't just a place to find information but a place of friends.

I haven't been around for awhile due to what was thought to be a severed nerve in my leg. Haven't been riding and the boat sat for most of last year. Things got worse and weren't progressing like I was told they were so I sought a second opinion.

I've been through the ringer over the last few weeks but have been told I have a 99% chance of having ALS. Not shocking as my father had it I just thought I had a good decade before I needed to worry about it.

We haven't told many folks outside of close family & friends but we'll be putting the boat up for sale in a few weeks and figured it would spark conversation anyways.

I didn't come here for a pity party or looking for sympathy. To be frank I'm doing quite well in life and the disease is progressing slowly. I've found a new view on life over the past year and am happier than I ever have been.

I'll be back in a few weeks to list the boat but I wanted to say thank you to everyone on this board for the advice and the friendship.

With that I will implore everyone to have a kick *** season. Get out as much as you can and live life to the fullest. Don't hold anything back because any day could be someone's last day out.

If anyone ever wants to follow along I'm keeping a daily blog of things going forward at

Again, love you guys and shred hard!

Prostar out!
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