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Originally Posted by uplandbird View Post
For you surfers out there that are accomplished tricksters, I'm looking for some advice on what board you learned to 360 on.

What I own today:

1. Ronix Carbon Thruster
2. Inland Surfer Sweet Spot
3. Doomswell Neo
4. Liquid Force Fish
5. Phase 5 Scamp (for kids)

I'm assuming I'll need to be heading more toward a skim style board and away from these surf style (or Hybrid) boards.

Problem with skim boards for me is I'm 6'4 225. I've tried some in the past and I just struggle with push.

Should I just put 1 fin in my Ronix Carbon Thruster and give that a try?

For those that specialize in teaching their friends to surf, what is your "go to" board for teaching 360's?

Anybody have a recommendation?
So I really love the surf style boards and I am designing my own boards Rad North as well. And I have to say that with surf style boards it is really important that at least when you are learning tricks you want to rather have a bit smaller fins than the ones that you want when you progress. So I would grab that NEO and just practice my technique if I were you. One tip for the 360 spin is that ones you start to spin your body towards the wave start to put more weight as you spin on you back foot. This stops you from riding up the wave and then once you have completed about quarter turn you need to transfer your weight on your front lead leg and after that again on your back leg.

start pumping to gain back speed

There you go how difficult it is to explain the technique in words LOL
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