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So certainly I personally can't do it, however after watching my son who is an awesome surfer perform these over & over here are some tips from watching him that might help you.

He uses a single fin skim board "Liquid Force" custom which is no longer made

Based on surfing regular - Left or Port Side

Start as far back on the wave as possible and begin a thrusting motion approach toward the boat

On your last thrust at almost the swim platform start your spin by twisting your shoulders (right) toward the wave - Bending your knees & lowering your center of gravity with a right hand drag in the water helps a ton - Your upper body should almost be facing completely backwards, which in turn pulls the board around with a fair amount of push/weight on the back foot.

By starting up in the pocket, close to the boat, allows for you to complete the spin as you wash backwards & still have time to be complete in the sweat spot of the wave.

Here is a vid of him attempting a 720 - but you can get the idea that might help you.
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