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Originally Posted by Bambamski1 View Post
hahaha I guess i should have guessed i would have gotten some panties in a knot. MY OPINION was what i put in there. When i was buying my boat I didn't consider an X-star as i've spent a lot of time behind them and they're not my style of wake. My wife surfs and she doesn't like the softness of the xstar surf wake.

I'm not a pro. and by no means as good as a rider in Jersey Dave's video, he's got mad skill, I did notice he basically can do a invert off of a roller and can ollie higher then i can jump

The original thread is about the surf wake which i still stand by my comments that it throws a terrible surf wake compared to so many other boats out there. you can make a larger wake sure but it's no good unless it's firm and has push which it doesn't do.

Bjames, you ride at 20mph??? I'm old and not as light as i once was. Maybe my junior high weight of 120 pounds i could ride at that speed. My crew, we all ride 23-25 mph just to keep on plane hahahaha.

just to compare here's a pic of my x-25 wake with stock ballast in the bow filled and the back empty riding 24 mph (maybe 4-5 in the boat). not crazy steep but it has a nice lip with lots of pop... It gets way more fun with some extra weight in the bow and the back filled a little bit. By no means do you have to load the back up at all though. Just doing a simple wake to wake 180.

the other pic is my buddies star with the 750's filled and just the stock KGB. very rampy still with no real lip. Rider isn't as good so look more at the shapes.

If you like the rampy style wake of the star that's awesome. Great boat for that. I'm saying not everyone likes that and from my one ride behind the new xstar (2013) they've pretty much made a boat that produces a wake that is similar to the X-25 wake but bigger...
That looks nothing like my 25's wake, must be the extra nose weight. Mine seems quite bit steeper.
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