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Originally Posted by SWGA Boater View Post
No change in my engine situation, but I have found a used engine out a 91 Ski Nautique. The mechanic is telling me it will be a straight swap for the 351 in my boat, in that the Ski Nautique engines are standard rotation (looking from rear engine turns left) same as a MasterCraft. I had always thought SN had a different prop rotation (RH prop). Is the change made in the transmission?

The engine can be had for a reasonable price ($500), but I want to make 100% sure before I tell him that I will take it. Also, the engine is 5 hours from me so its quite a haul.

Will this engine work in my 91? I hope so....

Thanks for any input!
I do remember someone saying nautiques did have a lefty motor and the change was in the transmission causing a RH prop. If the engine is truly a LH you should be all set, as it sounds like it's already a marine motor their is no need to swap freeze plugs, etc.
Perhaps the question should be raised on
Or PM this guy he knows CC
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