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For those of you following along at home..
I have spent a great deal of time checking grounds and checking for shorts to no avail. I beleive this to be the culpret:

This is the alarm board that is making all the noise. The fifth connection(bottom far right) has never been connected as long as the boat has been in my family(15+ years).
The other connections are as follows starting from left to right:

GreyBlack=Ground, LightBlue=Oil Pressure Guage, Brown= Temp Guage, Pink=Hot

As stated before, this thing is sounding whenever the key is in the 'On' position. Disconnect the Light Blue or Brown connections or both and the thing still sounds.
Disconnecting the GreyBlack or the Pink obviously shuts the thing up.

Anybody know what this means? Does this mean the alarm board is bad?
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