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Originally Posted by jessejames View Post
So...this just happened to me again. First time the boat was in the water this year and bam, water coming out of the MDC box right where the pressure sensors are again! It's partially my fault for not doing what the last post suggests. I live out of state now and just trust a shop to do my winterizing which apparently isn't enough!

Anyway, the point of my posting is to inform that you can no longer buy Direct from Medallion. I contacted them and they said I HAVE TO buy from MasterCraft due to the "current policy" they have now and I can't buy direct. I called Midwest MasterCraft and they are $660!!! Thanks for the $460 mark up MC, not like you don't rake us over for enough already. Guess I'll be paying for your poorly designed Gauge system again.
If a shop winterized your boat and didn't drain the pitot lines, take it back to them and have them pay for the repair that they caused. THEY were supposed to do that, regardless of any protest they may offer.
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