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Here is your answer.

Originally Posted by Holtrodj
Today when I was pulling the boat home from the lake I had to stop quickly for a red light. I hit the breaks a bit too suddenly causing the surge breaks to activate quickly. When the light turned green I noticed that the trailer was pulling hard. Come to find out that the left side wheel is locked up, but not the right side. Luckily, I was less than a mile from home, but getting the trailer in the correct spot in the garage with one wheel roling freely and the other roling very hard was no easy task.

Here are the symptoms:
1) Right wheel rolls freely. Left only rolls with two or three people pushing very hard.
2) The tounge of the trailer is not compressed as one would expect it would be for the breaks to be enganged.
3) Break system has always worked very well. Break fluid is at is recommended levels, etc.
4) The rim on the left wheel was very hot when I finally got her in the garage.
5) There was a bit of a burning smell in the air durring the situation.
6) I have bearing buddies that are well greased. (I don't think the problem is bearings)
7) The trailer is a 1996 Mastercraft trailer for a 190. It is a single axle equiped with surge breaks.

Based on these symptoms, my assumption is that the break is locked up. Has this ever happened to anyone else? How is it best fixed?

I have an apointment at Action Watersports for the boat to be winterized on the 20th, but with the wheel not moving, I'm not sure how I'd get it there. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Any help is appreciated.
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