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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
If you fish, Mille Lacs has fantastic fishing opportunities (as long as you don't do it in your MC). There are plenty of guides available as well as launches (large party-fishing boats) which will take you out for some serious walleye fishing. Hooking up with a local guide can get you on some huge muskies. I caught these two last weekend.
Ahhh the DNR (Does Nothing Right) has ruined the greatest Walleye lake ever... it is really to bad but that lake was the best Walleye fishing within 3 hours of the Twin Cities ever... it will probably take a bunch of tax dollars and complete destruction of all the evasive species and start back with walleye stocking from scratch... just like upper and lower red lake... sigh.... They can put muskies in the other 9,999 lakes we have

Opening fishing this year on this lake was less than 1/4 it used to be just 8 years ago....back in the day the fable was you could walk from shore to shore across all the boats on the lake...and to be honest it was close... now boats are far and few between...
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