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Shredded Water Pump Impeller

My water pump impeller shredded earlier this season and I replaced it w/ no problem. After running the engine two or three times it began to overheat. I thought I just had a stuck thermostat so that was also replaced. When I replaced the thermostat I also backflushed the engine...... or I thought I did it properly. I am thinking that the pieces of the impeller are still stuck inside my engine and I am not entirely sure of how to properly backflush the motor to get them all out so I can have some fun wakeboarding. The boat only heats up very quickly if I start running at a speed anywhere over 25 mph or 3000 rpm. Is this a problem that I am going to have to have someone else take care of or can I do it on my own? The boat is a 96 ProStar190. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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