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any ideas?

Wow. I thought I was running a lot of weight. I have a fiberglass platform and surf tabs so I'm not sure how much of an affect that has on how clean the wake is. I saw someone asked about your speed so I assume you have tried speeding up or slowing down. I run around 9.6 mph but I also see some people run as fast as 12 mph. I like to spread out my bow weight more evenly also. I know that makes the wave longer but (I may be wrong) I also think getting more surface area deeper may help make it cleaner. If nothing else works I think I would start over. I started with port, kgb and X2 sac. Then added tube sac partially filled then completely. Then I added partially filled sac on bow floor (400#) then partially filled sac on seat (400#) in port corner. I spent a day on the lake by myself testing it each time I added weight and at different speeds and it beat the hell out of being at work.
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