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Unhappy 02 X Star Leaking Tranny Problem


My 02 X Star with the 330 LTR and Hurth HSW 630VI has been running great all season with no problems whatsoever.

Last weekend I noticed a milky pink liquid in my bilge and milky pink liquid in my tranny/vdrive.

I cleaned out the bilge area and began hunting for the leak and began reading all the previous posted threads in this forum.

I called my local MC dealer and asked how water can make it into the tranny. The service tech said either the lower seal that goes to the output shaft or from the tranny/oil cooler. He went on to explain this is a very common failure if you have water in the bilge high enough to reach the output seal. He said the hot shaft and hot seal when rapidly cooled will crack and fail over time. He also stated there is a slight vaccum in the tranny that will suck water into the tranny through the failed seal.

He then quoted me $2500 to pull the engine and tranny to replace the seal and possible recondition the clutch pack (easily damaged by the moisture). Does this sound right to you all?

Most of the threads I reviewed with this same issue pointed to the trans cooler as being the culprit ($200 fix I can do myself).

The tranny is nearly empty of all liquid now which would make sense if it is the lower outside seal as it is nearly at the bottom of the tranny.

What do you all think and is it true, it is extremely difficult to pull just the vdrive out without pulling the entire engine with it? It looks like it is just six bolts and a linkage that needs to be removed to pull the tranny or is there more to it?

Your help and advice is greatly needed and much appreciated.
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