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Originally Posted by BrooksfamX2 View Post
I also think this is a little snobby, but its JMO. We wakeskate, surf, ski, wakeboard, tube and kneeboard. I want people to have fun doing "something" on the water.

I started my watersports adventures about 50 years ago riding a homemade plywood version of this and thought it was great fun..........
I appologize. Truly was not meant that way. It was meant to be sarcastic. We have done plenty of tubing and kneeboarding and riding various other objects behind the boat too that were never intended to be. I've even rode a kneeboard with a sheet of plastic on the bottom of it held on by sheet metal screws because we wore through the bottom of the board riding behind quads on paved roads. Trust me, I don't care what anyone rides.
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