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89 prostar 190.. winterization (need a pic please)

I hate to start a topic because there are already so many, but i don't fully understand this process..

I have a 89 prostar 190 and I have open the valves on both sides of the block... drained the water and I pulled the plugs from the manifolds and drained the water from both of them as well

I see people making custom buckets and hooking them up to what appears the water pump..

Why do you have to modify the bucket? Couldn't I just fill a bucket up with marine antifreeze and use a hose to suck it through?

Could someone PLEASE help me out and show me exactly which hose i need to undo to pump antifreeze through the whole engine?

Also i have already put my boat in the back yard.. far away from water for me to run a fake-a-lake to make the engine reach operating temperature, is this TOTALLY necessary?

I was going to buy about 4 gallons of antifreeze and just run it until it comes out the exhaust.

ANY pictures or help would be me much appreciated...

It's getting down to 30 here over the weekend and makes me nervous
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