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i have done this before and it was a total rebuild. if the oil is milky you have water in it. motors at WOT will only last for 2 or 3 seconds without oil pressure before you start loosing all oil between the bearings. if it bogged down and shut off i would say it seized up which is a total rebuild. even if you were to git it to turn over manually i would not restart it you will only be doing more damage. at this point if it were me i would be pulling the motor and tearing down. usually you can have the crank turned and get some new bearings to match the new journal diameter of the crank. You probably will have to have new bearings put in the block for the cam and you might be looking at a new set of rods if one is bent. Either way i would not run the motor again. look around you might be able to buy a short block already assembled for the same as all the machine work and parts will cost. if that were the case you just switch your heads over and put it back in.
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