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Did I blow up my engine?

I purchased a boat back in September that needed a lot of work but finally had it running and it ran great for the first few days I had it out. The only issue was that my oil pressure would bounce very quickly.

However, this past weekend I was running full throttle then the engine slowly started losing power. I looked and oil pressure was 0, but it bogged down before I could shut it off. There was steam (not smoke) coming from valve covers, the valve cover breather had condensation on the inside, and the dipstick had milky white oil on it. Another issue that might be relevant is that one of my exhaust manifolds was leaking water. (Might be also leaking on inside??)

Can someone please chime in and let me know how much damage I have done? Will I need rebuilt motor? How much will I be able to salvage off the old engine? Should I replace exhaust manifolds/risers too?
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