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Originally Posted by onejdgreen View Post
Something worth bragging about... Oh wait, the majority of the people that voted for him are uninformed morons...
Was watching a video yesterday, where a guy was walking around in CA (I believe) asking people to sign a petition to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and the whole time he was saying that when it was repealed, the Feds would go door to door and confiscate all guns from previous legal and registered gun owners, only leaving guns in the hands of criminals and felons because regular people couldn't be trusted with them, etc, etc and just kept laying the BS on thicker and people just kept signing. There were a couple of younger women who walked away refusing after they listened to him, but for the most part, people were just signing away. I know it was done as a comical point, but I couldn't figure out if they were all that dumb or just blindly signing without really listening to what he was saying?

Can't find the link or remember the guy's name to look it up.

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