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How were you an 11X assigned to the 82nd? Last I check no one is ever an 11X after basic. Never. You are 1 of 3 things a bravo a charlie or a mike after basic and not even mikes now.

What unit in the 82nd.

I am not talking poorly about any Soldier NG or otherwise. I've not said one bad thing about them. The only thing we are discussing here is martial law and whether or not Mass was under it. It's a legal discussion about such.

If you want to flail about and get mad over it then don't do it on the idea that I said anything bad about the NG.

When state activated they are a state force and are not federal troops.

As far as my service, 1SG Bravo Company 1st BN 327th Infantry Fort Campbell KY and a small little town of Hawija Iraq.

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