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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
Local government police officials are just that. Civilians. But that line was crossed years ago. The concept of local police authorities is civilians policing civilians. Most cities even require them to be residents of the town they work in. Because they want civilians from their own neighborhoods policing themselves. State or federal NG is a military presence. Which I agree required an elected government official to call up. And as far as the line in the sand I spoke of. Mine starts at 100% freedom. Anything short of that is a violation of the oaths I swore to uphold. Last I checked. Those oaths don't expire. An unconstitutional law is not a law. Police are civilians. National guards whether state or federal are military entities. A spade is a spade. Nuph sed

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When has anyone been 100% free to do what they want, when they want? That went away thousands of years ago. The only people who are completely free are those who live alone, away from anyone else. If they live with others, the one(s) who are 100% free would be the ones in power because any time people live together, someone is always going to tell others they can't do some behavior, have some thing, etc.

Unfortunately, human nature gets in the way of freedom, in all cases. For any group who wants to be free, there's always another group who wants to tell others what to do.
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