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Michigan Spare Tire Help

Hey guys,

I ordered 5 new Maxxis trailer tires, about a week and a half ago. Unfortunately they were delayed and are not arriving prior to my trip up north. Now I have 4 good tires on the trailer but my spare is no good to an incident late last year.

I am traveling 2.5 hours to go up to Sage Lake this weekend and on the off chance I blow out a tire I am going to need a spare. It is hard to put up the money to buy a tire I may not even use, especially when I have 5 new ones in the mail.

With that said, anyone in the Metro-Detroit Area have a a 14" 5 lug spare with tire I can use over the holiday weekend? It would be for my 2004 Xstar trailer.

Any help appreciated. I leave tomorrow at 5. If i absolutely have to I will go buy a tire but thought i would check with the community first.

Also, can I run something cheaper than a Marathon if its the same size as the Marathons on my trailer?

Thanks, Mike
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