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Sunshade Patio Covers? Any Input or Reviews?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a cover solution for my side yard, mostly to cover our small travel trailer since the boat is in the garage. We just finished installing a brick patio over there, and don't really want the traditional 10X20 white carport canopy.

The area we need to cover tapers from about 14'8" to 15'6" over the distance of around 25'. The long term plan is to extend the eves on that side out and cover it, but that is a distant goal. Living in San Diego, so obviously no snow load, and maybe moderate winds every now and then.

I'm thinking of something like this:


We already have a cover for it, but hoping to minimize mostly summer sun exposure. This side of the house is north facing How long should I expect this to last? Any other suggestions?
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