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Originally Posted by redmike
well, my cummins had 200k on it when I put exhaust/k&n/new turbine/new (bigger)injectors in it, and haven't had problem one with it. Did it all myself, only complaint after 50k is that it smokes some when cold, and smokes quite a bit when you are getting on it in 3rd/4th, (but I don't have to smell it!). Mileage stayed where it was, and driving it is like night or day, hauls boat with camper like it used to accelerate empty....hope this is what you were looking for!
So you have 250K on it now? What exhaust did you go with? I like Banks system, but probably because it is the most well known in these parts. One of the guys bought a new '05 F250, with about 500 miles on it put on the 6gun kit with everything but turbo. I was impressed with the difference, but I don't want issues along the way.
I have been reading into some trans shops that will rebuild my trans and do what is needed to support the upgrade. I assure you, when I do it, the trans is being removed and sent out as the first step. I am not convinced yet I want to make the move. I love the truck the way it is. It could sit on some 35's and Id be much happier.
I know of someone that can't brag enough about the bullydog set up. He dumped about $2000.00 into it, and blows the doors off the one with the $9000.00 banks kit.
Again, I hear all these guys and their monster power, but how what are they fixing after 100K? Or do they move on and let someone else deal with it?
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