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Indmar Exhaust Risers - New

I have two brand new Indmar exhaust risers for sale. They fit the 5.7 liter engine and 3.5" exhaust hoses.

They can be adapted to 3" exhaust hoses by using a short piece of 3.5" hose over the 3" hoses. They are drilled for full closed cooling (coolant runs through the block, heads and exhaust manifolds: raw water from heat exchanger goes to the risers), but can be used for partial closed cooling (coolant only runs through block and heads and raw water goes through the exhaust manifolds then into the risers) or for raw water cooling ( raw water goes through block, heads, manifolds and risers.

I bought these in anticipation of changing the risers but ended up selling the boat before they needed to be changed. They are brand new and in the original packaging. They were purchased directly from Indmar. I paid $135 each, but will sell the pair of them for what I paid for one.

If you have any questions, would like pictures or the Indmar part number, just email be at:

[email protected]
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