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Nick makes some good points. Getting a new boat is "fun". What's not to enjoy. Plus for us Canadians it gives us something to look forward too over the winter months but an experience like BCD had can really change how a person looks at a new boat. The buyer assumes they won't have all the head aches and problems if a used boat by purchasing new but this isn't always the case.

My previous boat was a Moomba and it was basiclly trouble free for 4 years and 400 hours. I also sold it after 4 years for about 10k less than I paid for it and the guy who bought it got a good deal on a great boat. I can only hope to do as well with my MC but my dealer was so good to me on the move to the 2013 I know I will be a loyal customer for many years.
2013 X-30, 6.0L with 2500lbs of ballast and 500 lbs of lead.
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