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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Not going to start a he said she said arguement here. EVERY SINGLE call is returned here by me for decals...everyone. I am sorry I do not recall which one it was one. Currently I have 4-5 decal orders waiting to ship...My PM box gets em..,my email gets em...maybe you where not
avail at the time. I do not know how many decal orders I price out from X80 graphics to 209 graphics to old stars and stripes....there are a vast amount of folks on here who have purchased email is [email protected] or 813 996 2297.

I am sorry if you fell you have been shorted in someway...I return all calls. It maynot be in 15 minutes after you call...but they ALL GET RETURNED!!!

[email protected]
I'll vouch for that!
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