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some edits...

That was the exact question I struggled with. So here's how I broke that down...

If an option is installed from factory, unless the glass has to be remoulded, it doesn't bother me too much as I could add it afterward. Similar to being able to put a trailer hitch on a vehicle, if I can add/delete/modify after the fact, without much drama and within 20-30% of what it costed as a factory option, I didn't care. The square rails and new aluminium parts can be bought from MC by design for about $500, the new crisscross pattern pads (love them) on the hips/walkway are likely at most another $1200, remote on the console $400 (pro install), cool new carpet $1200 and I don't want the new windshield (would likely require glass repairs) or new cans but call them $3000. $6,600 total. I'd pick and choose options, but that's the all in cost, excluding Murphy.

Also if one or two or even three features would cost more that the above but less than the depreciation, then it doesn't matter. What I mean by this, is that I bought the boat for the vinyl, glass, motor and creature comforts. I am a technologist by trade, so the electronics need to work but I don't expect them to be as clean as an iPad interface. Simply put, the cruise needs to be accurate, the ballast systems should be fairly automated and the stereo system needs to work.

I looked into these problems in October and concluded that worst case scenario, if MC decided to change its rich history of after sales service and not stand behind its products (very very low probability, quite frankly a solid warranty record is one of the key reasons people buy MC), then I'd have to pay to replace Medallion of the key components. The ECM, the screen (2,000 based on my phone calls to FW Murphy), ECM, wiring harnesses, zero off etc 5,000. Install, 3,000. All in, 10,000...likely high, but close enough. edit - that's the retail cost, suspect with enough arm-wrestling, it could be less than 1/2 that cost.

So, then it came down to support, well the warranty on a lot will be the dealer. So it is a moot point as the dealer plays a huge role in solving problems with these boats. My dealer has a solid reputation for standing behind what they sell.

The additional costs of plumbing two new pumps over just piggy backing I attributed $2,000 to that.

I'm keeping my 2012 for now, but leaning hard on MC and my dealer. So far great results and instant response from ALL levels of MC on this specific issue. Terry McNew has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

edit: Am I ticked off that MC would build a 2012 boat where I have to look at adding a complete new ballast system in order to add bags - absolutely. Am I ticked that I've had to spend my time figuring out all of the above after spending a fair amount of money on it, yes. But I'm more mad at myself for not doing more research on the 2012 than anything at all. But now that I'm in this situation, I'm doing the best I can to resolve it.

I bought a remote for about 100.00 with a Y plug. New, it floats and solves the stereo issues which were the least of my worries. Consistent cruise, ballast automation and general easy of configuration were my bigger worries.

Will I buy an extended warranty on the touch screen, NO. Because if in 2-3 years it gives me grief, I've made enough noise with MC and my dealer and I trust that they will be there for me. Otherwise, I'll be forced to spend 5-7K to replace the entire Medallion with something else. Keeping in mind that the touch screen could just be removed and I could go with manual controls in 3-5 years from now, and that option could be far less expensive.

second edit... To get back to the subject of this post and follow on question, I think the Murphy system is better. I also think that trading up from a 2012 to a 2013 is an option for every owner, it happens all the time. I'm less worried about the Medallion system now than I was in October based on several (literally dozens) conversations with many stake holders.

It is tough to compare whether Nick or 501 or others got a great deal in comparison to mine because there are a lot of factors at play. Their "all in" price for their 2012 might have been 10K higher than mine with the same options as an example. Frankly, I don't need to know what they paid, because I know what I paid and I know my tolerance to risk and I've been given assurances that the boat will do what I want it to do. Trust me, if the boat doesn't perform to what I've been promised, you'll be seeing a postings of a new X30 in the factory for me in the fall of this year. I'm a betting man and I'd bet that won't be the case.

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