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I'm pretty sure MC committed to fixing all of the minor computer bugs with Medallion, I've exchanged emails with my dealer and them on it. It would be great to hear from 2012 owners that received the most recent software upgrade (nov/dec 2012) to get positive confirmation all is fixed.

Based on PM with various TT'ers, their 2012 issues were pretty minor and they stated that the Murphy system alone was not the root cause of their desire to move to a 2013. That being said, there were issues in 2012....and I agree the Murphy System will be better. At first glance it could be a Blackberry Playbook to iPad comparison, we'll just have to see what Blackberry 10 holds... (Laughing at the similarities).

Not to worry, I'll swap out the Medallion for the Apple iOS control system in 2017.... :-)

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