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A meger $194 later this puppy runs fantastic. 1.5 shop hours included a timing adjustment, and replacing a tempermental/failing kill switch. I kick myself for not trying to replace that last one on my own, but now I know the timing was done right. The timing was off just enough to miss a cylinder once it was put in gear. I trusted some reco's from some Mustang forums about adding GT40p heads to a 351 and must have retarded the timing too far. From best I can tell the distributor is in the position it was before I swapped heads.

The mechanic was so sure it was fixed he didn't lake test it. To be sure all was well, we took it up to O'Shaughnessy for a couple of hours on Saturday. We're going out tonight to take the kids tubing on Buckeye.

The boat is certainly quicker out of the hole and a has a higher top end up to 4400 rpms with these new heads. I'll take the GPS to check real top speed.

Thanks for all of the insight and ideas shared.
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