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Originally Posted by Smitty View Post
I have to say that after being at a major boat show over the past weekend that I'm dissappointed in the direction of MC. The Maristar lineup was centered around family and class. I would have considered it to be the Cadillac of the watersports boats. But the newest lineup of MC boats are ridiculous and gaudy. I felt like the boats were screaming at me. Too much stuff for too little purpose. I see very little in the way of clean and classic taste. I know that the market is leaning to the extreme sports demographic, but you have to give choice to family. And not every family is looking for $20K of unnecessary crap that has the potential of malfunctioning and breaking at a moments notice. What ever happen to having a solid, reliable boat that you would have been proud to hand down to the next generation? Now every boat has a "wrap", tower or a ballast. Sorry, but MC has lost me. I'm proud of my '05 Maristar and I love the fact that it still has style and class without being loud, obnoxious and insufferable.

Someone from MC needs to take a walk over to the Colbalt or Chris Craft display. These are the only boats that still understand form and function combined with class and style. These boats look stylish without being over the top and probably retain their value far better than what MC, CC, or MB does these days. Don't even get me started on CC, because that was just down right bad IMO.

Call me old fashioned, but I come from a day where MC, Ski Supreme, CC, and American Skier set the standard for what water sports boats should be... Reliable, competitive, durable, stylish and legendary. Now, we feel the need to be everything but that... Obnoxious, loud, distasteful, and deplorable. You can have your Xwhatever for all I care. I love my Maristar and covet my Dad's '84 American Skier. I'm sad to see MC make such a poor marketing choice by eliminating the Maristar/V line up. Even if it just was a stripped down X/whatever. It still had class and styling and would be passed down to the next generation.

Maybe today's Xstar funky wraps, colors and graphics will be retro and cool in 30 years. Just like the Centurion "Tru trac II" will be retro never.
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