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I never saw those screens on my PP. On mine you only choose the mode when creating a new named rider, and when you choose wakeboard mode it only displays an option for KDW. Maybe it's buried in a menu somewhere. Or maybe once you have named rider lists you lose the ability to set NN and CS.

I need to go out one night where I can spend more time with it. Im usually monkeying with it on the water while somebody is waiting for me to be ready and I'm going from memory and don't have this forum or that PDF in front of me. If I can't find those settings in another menu, I'll try a factory reset and start for scratch.

My paddle wheel is indeed near the center drain plug. I used to never have a problem with this and initially suspected something was wrong with my paddle wheel (still possible). I think what's happened, however is that I've recently been riding with better riders who want the boat going a little faster. At 22mph and below I'm thinking that paddle wheel was less likely to come out even going through rollers, but at 23-24 it's causing much more of a problem. Hopefully I can correct this with settings. I don't want to spend the money on a Stargazer upgrade.

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