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^^^^^^ Interesting about the 209 and the low bow. I did not know that. I've always known the 197 was prone to that but not the 209. Thanks!

I'll chime in too. I have a 94' 205 as well and really love it. Very functional, ski wake is great and it holds a lot of people. 94' was the first year for fuel injection, so anything past that, you will be OK.

94' and 95' have the flatter wake and lower siderails, whereas the 96+ has higher sides, just a touch more of a Vee for smoother ride, and overall, a little more room inside. The 96+ is considered to to be just a little better at wakeboarding too vs. the 94-95 era.

I don't know why PS205 above had a carb engine on a 94. I have not heard of that. Generally, 94+ is all EFI. They did offer the LT1 in 93' too but pretty rare to find (also EFI).

Be patient and don't settle. It's worth the wait. It took me many, many months too to find my 205. Good luck!
- Jeff

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