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Okay here is what I found from Wakemakers.

Johnson Pump (cheaper and more gph than Jabsco) 179.99 each
750# bags @$149.99each
Integral bow sack @$269.99
Switches @$1.49 each
Total @$1,114.41

Now they sell a complete kit that includes thru hulls, wiring, fittings etc and everything you need to do this. I have a skilled installer who has everything he would need to provide these things. And I can save some serious coin.

Johnson pump set up including thru hulls, wiring, hoses, clamps, fittings etc @$418.96 each
Plus bags @$569.97
Total @$1,826.85

$712.44 for wires and thru hulls???

Now they also offer something called the X Link. Which allows you to fill bag to bag. Apparently shortening time it takes to switch side for surfing. Beneficial yes, and may be worth it if you guys also think it is worth it. Cost is @$289.99 plus an additional $20 cost per bag for the added drain valve.

Making my al a cart order total @$1,444.40 to include the X Link.

Oh yeah, plus install.

What do you guys think? I'm ready to order this stuff. X Link or not?
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