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Two bad habits boaters have.

Two things that should never be done with your tow vehicle when launching or retrieving a boat.
1. Allowing you exhaust pipe, or pipes to be put under water. If the engine would happen to quit for some reason the hot pipe reacting with the cool water would create a vacuum sucking water up the pipe and to your engines cylinders. If you then get in your vehicle and crank the engine you create a hydraulic lock which will bend the rods, as water will not compress.
2. You should never allow your rear axle into the water. The oil seals are made to keep oil into the axle, not water out. Putting that axle into the water will allow water into your differential fluid causing the lube to be diluted, and if left in long enough all the gears will rust into a lot of useless junk.

Keep your exhaust out of the water, and don't put your rear axle under the water.
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