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perplexing one-way problem on Jabsco pumps

First off I haven't been on here in a while. Two kids will do that to your free time I suppose. I had a 95 prostar 190 and upgraded to a 06 X2 a couple of years ago and did one of the first full automatic additional ballast system in the new X2. Two rear bags and a front bow sac using the existing pumps. It's been working great for years. Got about 600 hours on the X2 total (i know, weak, but I ride other's boats a lot.)

Before I go into this puzzling issue, I have been searching the internet, wakeworld and posts on this site for answers and could find nothing even remotely similar. So hopefully this is a worthy post.

My ballast pumps were factory original and over the last two years occasionally one of the pumps would operate in one direction but not the other. Based on speaking with my mechanic if you run it in the direction it works for a minute and then jam the switch in the opposite direction it will work again. I had been doing that when the problem arose and it wasn't a big deal. He said that meant the pump was nearing the end of its life, but it would last a while longer doing that work around.

Over the last couple of months the issue has spread to all of the ballast pumps and it happens every time I take the boat out. I spend 10 minutes trying to get all the pumps to move in the direction i want them to. So I finally decided I would replace all of my pumps.

So I get the new ones in and they work initially but now I am back to all pumps having the same problem. They will operate 1 direction but not the other. Great, it probably wasn't the pumps. So here is all that I tried to determine the source of the problem:

---was I getting the exact same voltage at the connector when i ran it fill or empty. Was I getting enough voltage in general when the pump was on? Yes and yes.
---if i connected the old pumps to another power source (car battery, just touching wires to terminals) do the old pumps work in both directions? yes (great, i just bought three new pumps i dont need.)
---are the pumps upside down? yes ( however it seems to me that the water getting into the pump due to it being installed upside down would affect it in both directions and mine all work fine in one direction. Plus why would this affect brand new pumps? also the idea that running the pump for 1 minute and jamming it the other way to get it to work would not be consistent with this possible cause. however I may try to flip my kgb pump next weekend and see it it changes since I am struggling to figure this one out. my neighbor thinks running the pump in one direction could clear the leaked water out and then it will run opposite, but I do not think so because it shouldnt run in either direction if there is water in there and also you have to jam the switch into the opposite direction, you cannot just stop and start in the opposite direction after running for 1 minute. but we'll see when i try it.
---do they have green impellors? yes but i dont think that matters. the old ones had green impellors too.
---do timers play a part in this mess? no timers for ballast did not start appearing on mastercrafts until 2007 and my boat is a 2006 (thank goodness)
---is the breaker popped? no and that would be inconsistent with the temporary solution anyway.

So I am now just about out of ideas to try and have come to the mastercraft community for help on fixing this weird issue.

Thanks in advance for anyone that posts any ideas.


And finally speaking of ballast, is the new x-star going to have more than the piddly amount of ballast that MC has included over the years or will it step up to the nautique g23 and go ahead and put in all the ballast start from the factory that we all want? i was advised that one solution to my ballast problem was the buy a new boat.....

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