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Originally Posted by captain planet View Post
This is probably best suited for another thread, but you really don't think that obama is solely responsible for this mess do you? This mess goes way beyond obama...bush...clinton...bush...and Reagan. The problems we have today are because of decades of neglect by our 'leaders' to do anything about them. This is the sole reason I started this thread, is because the sooner people realize from where our problems stem, the better off we will be to fix them. In order to fix them it is going to take REAL changes. Changes Ron Paul has been pushing for over 30 years.

Here is a recent interview with the good doctor and a lot of these points are here.!

I would also recommend you check out his farewell address to congress. It is clearly laid out here what we need to do to get the ship right again.
I read it... and re-read it... now we are all screwed... will the country collapse? probably not...will the rich (250K +) get taxed more probably....but the middle class is going to get axe... no bailouts for 18.5K jobs gone..and many other companies missing earnings targets.

The good doctor is correct and what happens now - we will have to watch play out. My post is just a string of posts which will probably show up as this thread concludes.
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