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So I think I'm close to having a purchase list.

Wetsounds WS420
Wetsounds SD2
Wetsounds REV10 (pair)

I'll keep the Rockford Fosgate amp in place and let it keep driving the sub and the cabin speakers.

The last step for me is to get all the wire/etc I'll need.

Currently, the power wire to the amp in the starboard helm is 10ga. It measures to about 15-20 feet from the battery switch in the starboard locker. I included a pic of the current setup. The 10ga wire comes off the battery switch, it looks like it goes back to the battery, but it just meets up with the black mate wire and heads off toward the amp over the fuel tank and up the vent hole. There is currently a 25 amp fuse in line. The 40amp fuse is for the power to the main helm.

So, what gauge wire and what level of fuse do I need for the new setup. Should I leave the 10ga wire in place and run a separate power wire to the SD2 or should I run one large wire to the amps and then split the power with a power block?

Furthermore, is my current dual battery setup adequate for what I am planning? We don't really run the radio a bunch with the motor off. Usually only run the radio with the motor (02 LTR) off to fill ballast or to make a "pit stop" for the kids.

Thanks again for all your help.
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