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Originally Posted by Zalamander View Post
Thank you all for the quick replies. I jacked up the rudder today to get a better look at what is going on. I snapped this pic using my cell phone. I don't see any bushings on top or bottom of the large nut (anywhere for that matter). I was wondering how serious this is, and where I could get replacement bushings?
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That's different than current rudder arrangements - looks like it's a compression nut. No matter, the reason you have up and down play is that gap you see between top of the compression nut and the bottom of the tiller arm. Likely there was supposed to be a nylon bushing on top of it to take of the space between big nut and tiller. I would recommend you go to some store that sells nylon bushings with the inside diameter of your rudder shaft, support the rudder from under the boat with a jack, remove the cotter pin, loosen the pinch bolt on the tiller, slide it off the shaft, slide the bushing/washer over the shaft, slide the pinch bolt back on (don't lose the keyway) so that it's flush agains the bushing, tighten the pinch bolt, re-install the cotter pin.
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