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Ok, I'll chime in. I have been looking at both boats. I passed on the 35 with the decal problem. Just to many think that I see not wrong, but wrong to me. The interior has defiantly been used. Decals are missing (star on the port side rear) or damaged. Looks like mold had grown on the rear hatch inner side (look close). Engine has signs that it was possibly put away wet and did not have time to properly dry hence the corrosion. Or was it in salt water? I will tell you the owner is stand up. He went back and forth with me on it for a long time until I called it.

Now the LA boat. I also have made an offer on that. Knowing it's on consignment and hearing what the dealer would take. No go. they said NO. In fact they have said no a number of times. I just recently emailed with another offer and maybe it's just me and they don't like me for some reason but, NO again. I think if the original owner who has it on consignment knew that I gave a reasonable offer to take it off his their hands and it was turned down he'd be upset. In fact I could have bought it 3-4 times now. So that said if you want it make an offer i'd be curious to see what you can get it for. Although a very nice boat, personally I don't see the asking price as a value to me. It's to high.
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