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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
WOw, tough crowd!
This guy took everyone's advice the first time around and cleaned up his add, tons of pictures, professional responses to all of your stupid slams on his boat....................and you're still bustin his chops! If it's worth what he's asking someone will buy it for that much, if not, they won't, period.
Some of you give a whole new meaning to the phrase "another @sshole with a Mastercraft."

And who'd bust his balls about the carpet??? Grungy? Looks new, but needs vaccumed.

Good luck with the sale NEW06X1.
Agree he has a much better written ad and now has good pictures. Not trying to dis him, rather provide some realistic advice on the boat and suggestions on options to get more money out of the sale. Sorry if I came off to you as something else but as others have said, it was advertised as new, is far from that condition, and will take a heap of work to get back in saleable shape. Was also trying to explain that most buyers will see the new engine and upholstry as a negative as it is indicative the boat was poorly maintained. the pics just confirm the rest of the boat isn't pristine either.

If it were me, I would do the cleanup and sell next spring because I like that kind of thing (rebuilding and restoring old cars, etc). If paying someone to do the work, he's probably going to spend what additional sale $ he earns paying to clean it up. There are several similar models on inboards only in the $30K range that will likey sell for $25k-$27k. IF the gel can be brought back and the rest cleaned up, he may conceivably find someone to pay that.

I know the original thread on this site had some pretty negative comments (from both sides) but folks are really here to help. As I said I am new to the mastercraft boat thing and found tons of help from folks on this board. I'm sure the seller would find good advice during the refurbishment if he was asking questions during the clean up process.

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