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Lake Geneva and Cindi Duchow (Delafield) successfully pushed to add an amendment to this bill to pull Walworth and Waukesha County out. Specifically, Wisconsin would be a mirror state except in those 2 counties. In those counties one could approach their local government and get the mirror allowed on a lake by lake basis. Obviously this was a disappointment to those affected, myself included. But, the impression was this was a needed change to obtain passage.

Since then there has been some discussion related to the precedent set by simply removing counties from a law. Many feel this is a bad pattern to start. There are discussions ongoing on whether or not some areas should be removed and how to potentially accomplish that. That said, this is a copy/paste from my post on Malibucrew (own an Axis, I'm more active there):
There has been concerned raised regarding the amendment. Between that, and the large items (budget, transportation, Foxconn) this has taken a bit of a back seat. Once the budget is passed, it will be easier to make progress. We are still on a fall timeline for a vote. My thought process at this point is that I am hopeful that 2018 will be the first season where the mirror is sufficient. The question that remains is what changes to the amendment will be made to obtain passage.

Please contact your local rep and request them to support this bill without amendments. The state cant pick and choose where to apply our laws on a local level.

Also, I definitely feel your pain on that ticket. I got one earlier this season. Got it cut to 140 by showing up to court. No discussion needed, they just offer it off the bat.
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