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I went from an 05 X-2 (similar to current X-1) to an X-25 this year. I absolutely love the X-25.

As much as I enjoyed the X-2, as I was telling my crew last week after another great day on the water with the X-25, there hasn't been a day where any of us wished we had the X-2 back.

With stock ballast the wakeboard wake is fantastic, maybe the best wakeboard boat on the market with stock ballast. The surf wake is also excellent. There is a huge amount of storage in the boat. The seating space for people is huge, especially for a 21'6" boat, made even more so by the space in the bow area because of the pickle fork.

The deep vee hull handles rough water like a dream, something which the X-2 did not.

Mastercraft has a real winner with the X-25. It's by far the best selling boat my dealer sells. And if you can get one, you're lucky, because my dealer has sold out of his X-25 allocation for the year.

Just to be sure, I test drove a Malibu Wakesetter VLX and a Nautique Super Air 210, and there really was no contest.

I have the MCX engine, and it does just fine. I was a bit concerned when ordering that it might not be enough for the X-25, which is a heavy boat (one reason it does so well in rough water), but my dealer assured me it would be fine and it is.

I didn't get the power tower and happy I didn't because I've heard there are still a lot of problems with it.

I got plug and play but it's one the dealer designed and installed. The wake with the p&p is massive; it's scary coming up on that wake and seeing how huge it is with p&p.

I'm happy to answer questions about the X-25. My advice -- get one!
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