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Originally Posted by iplount View Post
New tow rig. 2013 Touareg TDI Exec. Just getting it broken in so haven't towed with it yet. A lot of what I read here and on other sites lead me to this purchase. It drives great. Has great get up and go. 240 HP and some 407lbs of torque. Plus it gets great gas mileage.

The thread on here about the t-bone accident also really sold me on it.

We had looked at the Cayenne too and other truck options but just didn't want another large truck and didn't want to spend the premium on the Cayenne, not that this thing was inexpensive. Man never thought I would buy a VW much less spend what we did on a VW. All in all pretty happy with it. I will post more info once we start towing with it. Will likely go out for the last time this season on Saturday.
great looking t-rex! i have a 2012 tdi and love it and it pulls like a champ.
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