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The reason you're sucking air is because your intakes are at the transom. Each bag/tank has it's own 3/4 thru hull back then. When the boat is running the exhaust blows air pockets into the pump fill area this creating those air pockets. Try filling with the engine off. I swapped my two side tank pumps in my 2000 ( had all the yellow as you do) to Tsunami 1200 from wakemakers , but that required all new hoses and was a complete overhaul. Almost halved my fill times to my 750's I also added a reversible Johnson pump to fill my bow sac. While that is 750 gph vs the 1200 tsunamis , it fills the 650 bow sac little faster than the tsunamis fill the 750's . If I had to do it again I would spend the extra on the reversible Johnson pumps from Wakemakers and go to a one pump, reversible style as it seems to be way more efficient as it doesn't loose force when the bag keeps getting full. I think the tsunami may loose a little force as the sac starts to get full and not force as much pressure to keep it flow rate. Just speculation on my end

Since the motor is out the optimal transition would be change those 3/4 through huls in the transom to 1 inch if you can. Go with the reversible Johnson or jabsco pump and run the 1inch hose. This would be the most efficient and fastest fill rate.

Second fastest ...... Keep all the 3/4 fittings and factory hoses but add two reversible pumps for the side tanks

Better than factory but not optimal Tsunami with 1 inch hoses

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