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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Nate it does sound like fuel but I'm not so sure it is or was ever the pump. Based on your symptoms it sounds like you may have bad gas or a plugged filter. I think all of us have been bit with jumping to conclusions on problem resolution and starting throwing parts at a problem (see my stereo post if you need an example).

So the first questions would be.......

Is this your first time out this year?
Did you fill up recently?
When you pulled your pump were you able to make a visual check of the fuel quality?
When you had your pump out did you change the filters (especially the filter directly attached to the fuel pump)?
Were you able to check the fuel rail pressure before and after changing the fuel pump?
I believe the SS series has a water separator in line to the fuel rail. Did you change that first? and has it ever been changed?

Don't mean to fire a ton of questions at you but these are some of the thoughts I have based on your issue.......

Yes first time out.
Yes it's fresh fuel
The filter and sock look brand new, no restrictions there that I can tell
No fuel water separator. It's the same fuel pump and system as the fresh water series.

I went through all my connections from the pump to the relays to the computer and no bad connections or corrosion. Took it out again tonight for about 3 hours and no issues. Will keep taking it out to see what happens. If not I would venture to say its the brain box. Really hope that's not the case$$$
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