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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
I found a picture of the Hydrosprort tower installed on a different boat, you may find it helpful.
Thats the only pic i can find on the net of that tower on a boat. I think it looks ok, considering its just a knockoff of a MC tower, but since i cant find any info about it i'm very hesitant.

Originally Posted by carlsonwa View Post
14 years is not that old. Just wait to to purchase a New Dimension tower you will not regret the decision. Plus a new dimension should not hurt resale since they look and fit like an oem tower.

Its not just the age of the boat, and i can afford a ND tower, i just cant justify that much on a boat we aren't keeping long term.

The boat did have a tower on but i was never happy with it or the way it was mounted. It was an older reverse arch design that the previous owner mounted too far back so it looked funny and he also drilled some pretty rough holes which caused some gel coat cracks around the tower bases. My original plan was just to move the tower ahead and have my father inlaw fix the cracks (he owns a fiberglass shop) but once i had the tower off i decided to buy something else entirely. And now i sold the old tower so i kinda need something.
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