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I check what connectors I'm able to see. The wiring of an 2010 X-15 is fairly complicated and much is burried in the hull. Somehow, the radio is even tied into the BIG - I suspect via the remote port. I've disconnected the transom remote (just one less to troubleshoot). I've noticed that when I disconnect and reconnect one of the remote connectors, I get some thing on the LCD. So for example if the time is 7:10 on the radio display, the remote LCD gets that - then does not change. The remote LCD appears to keep that info displayed until the power is cycled. So it is almost like the head unit is not sending it information for the LCD and the remote is keeping what it last was sent by the head unit. This kind of fits in with the fact that the control buttons work but no LCD. Who knows. I've tried Reset and System Check and the problem still exists.
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