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Originally Posted by Hatch7 View Post
First time out was Memorial Day weekend the boat (93 Prostar with std 351) ran great. When I winterized I had filled the tank with 93 octane. As the weekend progressed new fuel was added which I found later to be 87 octane. After the refill she started sputtering when dropping the throttle at the hole shot. The boat now has a full tank of the cheap stuff. The question is: Does anyone have any experience with adding octane boosters? Would it be recommended or not? I'm sure it could be something else but fuel seems to be the likely culprit since she ran great out of the gate.

They are all snake oil and not worth your money.

Unless someone has done a lot of work on that engine you are kind of wasting your money running 93.

Did you put any kind of fuel stabilizer in when you winterized?

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