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Originally Posted by jamie197 View Post
Thanks for all the input. I am out with a knee recon at the moment, and we always want a new boat.Just have a few minor cosmetic blemishes in the vinyl, ect, nothing structural. Currently have 1170hrs on motor, never been apart and you wouldnt know it had any more than 100hrs on it by the way it runs and looks.
I would consider a later upgrade just because I can at the moment.

dihrdskir....mate, thanks for the offer, but I am in Townsville, so guessing nowhere near yourself. I take it you would prefer the 6l over the 5.7l engines?
No problem. You're right I am nowhere near Townsville but the offer is still on the table. I cannot compare the 5.7 ilmor as I have never owned anything equipped with one. I have owned a number of boats over the years with various configurations of the venerable small block in 270 to 350 hp . For grin value the 6.0 has it with ample power right across the rev range. As for grunt we can deep water start 4 100 kg barefooters and hold 40+. The MCX in the same boat could not. Depends on what you want to do with it if you are prepared to part with the extra cash but from what I hear the 5.7 will be enough.
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